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Shopping With Perpay During the Holidays
Shopping With Perpay During the Holidays

How to shop with Perpay this Holiday Season

Updated over a week ago

We want to help make your holiday as stress-free as possible. When shopping for gifts with us this holiday season, here’s how the ordering process will work:

  1. Create your account and receive a spending limit

  2. Shop our marketplace for brands like Apple, KitchenAid, and PlayStation

  3. Checkout and submit your order for our Approvals Team to review

  4. Approved? Nice! Our system will help you set up your payroll direct deposit

  5. Choose how many payments you want to make over time

  6. Your order will process for shipment when we get your first payment on your next payday

  7. Payments will be processed automatically from your paycheck each payday

  8. Enjoy your new item with the peace of mind of knowing your payments are set up to be made automatically until your order is paid in full

By setting up payments to come directly out of your paycheck, you get:

  • A personalized spending limit to shop for your favorite products and brands with no credit check

  • Ability to pay over time for your orders without paying interest or fees

  • Build your credit by an average of 39 points while shopping for the things you need

  • Over time, access higher spending limits and lower payment amounts on your orders

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