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Warranty Plans

More information about PaymentSecure and ProductSecure

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When you purchase PaymentSecure™, your access to the Perpay
Marketplace is protected in the event that you are unable to pay for your
purchase(s) because of certain circumstances beyond your control.

PaymentSecure™ protects your Perpay Marketplace access if you are unable
to pay for your purchase(s) due to:

  • Permanent Layoff; or

  • Long-Term or Permanent Disability.

In the event of any of the above circumstances, simply submit appropriate
proof to our Success Team, and your Perpay account will be reviewed. Once
the proof has been validated, your purchase(s) will be marked as paid in full.
You will be eligible to access the Perpay Marketplace to make purchases with
Perpay once you regain employment and your employment has been

PaymentSecure™ is not available for: voluntary separation from
employment; short-term leave; FMLA; termination for cause; or seasonal,
part-time, temporary or time-limited contract employment positions.


All items on the Perpay Marketplace are covered under the manufacturer's warranty for the first year of purchase against manufacturer defects or workmanship errors.

Perpay's ProductSecure warranty extends the terms of the manufacturer's warranty for 1 additional year on most items purchased through Perpay (i.e., appliances, tires*, fashion and/or electronic items). Please note, this is not an all-inclusive warranty.

ProductSecure does not warrant against theft, accidental damage, or misuse. Accidental damage includes but is not limited to dropping, cracked or damaged screens, and exposure to liquid or heat.

How to use your ProductSecure

Please be prepared to provide photos of the product(s) and a clear explanation of the issue, so our team can review your ProductSecure claim.

In order to exercise this 1-year extended warranty, we will need you to provide both of the following:

  • Written / screenshot confirmation from the manufacturing company stating that your item's issue would have been covered under the 1-year manufacturer's warranty if it was within a year or purchase.

  • A claim number or ticket number provided by the manufacturer for our team to reference when contacting the manufacturer

We cannot proceed with the ProductSecure warranty without both items listed above.

Only the manufacturer can confirm that your item’s issue would have qualified under the original 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. If you have questions about if your issue qualifies, please contact the manufacturer directly.

ProductSecure is limited to the original sale price of the product and is disbursed in the form of a reimbursement of repair or replacement cost.

Additional Information

*ProductSecure & Tires:

If purchased with your tires, Product Secure will cover the replacement (within one year of the extended warranty) for your covered tire in the event the tire is deemed non-repairable by a reputable auto service repair facility and falls within standard tire manufacturer guidelines. Formal documentation will be required for claim approval.

Standard Tire Manufacturer warranty protects against premature tire wear or manufacturing defects ONLY. Perpay and the manufacturer are not responsible for damage created by contact by road hazards.

Applicable warranty conditions covered deemed by the manufacturer only. To learn more about a manufacturer warranty, please contact the manufacturer directly.

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