Card Rewards
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What rewards are offered with the Perpay Credit Card?

You will earn 2.0% (two percent) rewards on all payments. At the end of each billing period, Your rewards will be calculated by multiplying the total amount you paid by 2% (.02). Rewards will be applied within 10 days from statement closing date.*

Your card rewards have no minimum order amount and will automatically apply to your Perpay Marketplace purchases.

Where can I view my credit card rewards?

To view your credit card rewards, feel free to click on ‘Rewards and Credits’ on your Perpay dashboard.

You can also follow the link here!

How do I use my credit card rewards?

Your credit card rewards will be automatically applied on your purchases within the Perpay marketplace. Additionally, your rewards can be combined with eligible Marketplace credits!

*Eligible accounts opened prior to 03/29/2024 will earn 3.0% rewards on all payments. All terms and conditions of the Rewards Program apply.

The Perpay Credit Card is Powered by Deserve Inc. and issued by Celtic Bank.

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