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Perpay Credit Card FAQ
Perpay Credit Card FAQ
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What does it mean that a direct deposit is required to access the credit card?

A minimum direct deposit from each paycheck to your Perpay account is required to keep your credit card active. This direct deposit is required on a recurring basis and is aligned with your pay cycle.

Where can I use the Perpay Credit Card?

You can use the Perpay Credit card anywhere Mastercard is accepted, including internationally.

Please know however, that some transaction categories like money transfers, peer to peer lending, and gambling are restricted.

What rewards are offered with the Perpay Credit Card?

You will earn 2.0% (two percent) rewards on all payments. At the end of each billing period, Your rewards will be calculated by multiplying the total amount you paid by 2% (.02). Rewards will be applied within 10 days from statement closing date.*

Do you offer credit limit increases?

Yes - we do offer optional increases to your credit limit!

Can I use my card outside of the country?

Yes you can! Please be advised that out-of-country transactions will include a 3% transaction fee.

Which credit bureaus does Perpay report to?

Perpay helps you build credit by reporting your credit limit, payment history, and limit utilization to the three major credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax and TransUnion.

Can I take out a cash advance or complete a balance transfer using my credit card?

Sorry, these features are not available at this time.

Can my spouse or kids get their own card attached to this credit card?

Sorry, this feature is not available at this time.

*Eligible accounts opened prior to 03/29/2024 will earn 3.0% rewards on all payments. All terms and conditions of the Rewards Program apply.

The Perpay Credit Card is Powered by Deserve Inc. and issued by Celtic Bank.

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