Perpay is an all-in-one app bringing you financial peace of mind through small payments that help build credit over time! Buy now, pay later, and build credit without ever paying interest or late fees!

When you sign up, you'll unlock a unique Spending Limit that is customized to you, based information you provide like employment details and income instead of credit score. There is no credit check!

You can then use your Spending Limit to shop hundreds of top-rated brands across every category in the Perpay marketplace. Shop with ease knowing that you can pay over time with small, easy payments. Payments are made automatically from your paycheck via direct deposit, which means that you never have to worry about missing a payment or paying a late fee.

Your easy, automatic payments help build your account and payment history, which you can opt-in to have reported to the credit bureaus. This allows members to improve their credit scores significantly over time - just by shopping!

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