Making an Extra Payment

How to pay your balance down faster

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Perpay requires payments on your orders with us to be made through a small payroll direct deposit of your paycheck. But if you’re looking to make an extra payment to pay off your order faster, you’re in the right place.

Making a credit/debit card payment

To schedule an additional payment via card*, please contact our Success Team. If you already have a card on file with us, please provide us with:

  • Last four digits of your credit/debit card on file

  • Amount you want to pay

  • Date you want payment to run

To add a card to your Profile, click here.

Increasing your payroll direct deposit payment

To pay off your balance faster each payday and build your positive payment history with Perpay, you have the option to increase your direct deposit allotment to a higher amount.

An additional card payment is not a substitute to your payroll direct deposit payments and can only be done in addition to your payments via your paycheck. A card payment will not release your order for shipment.

*Please know that all additional payments are applied directly to your total outstanding balance & across all active orders. We do not have the ability to apply any payment to the balance of a specific order.

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