Anticipated Missed Payments

Process for handling payment interruptions

Updated over a week ago

If you anticipate any changes affecting your payments, such as a job change or an event that keeps you out of work, please contact the Success Team as soon as possible.

If you’re changing jobs, please also let us know the following information so we can ensure your account remains in good standing during the transition:

  • Name of employer

  • Hire Date

  • Pay cycle (i.e. bi-weekly)

  • Date of your last pay day with your old employer

  • Date of your first pay day with this new employer

We understand that unexpected situations arise and are always happy to work with you on an alternative payment plan when they do. However, we are unable to put scheduled payments on hold at any time.

If you expect to have a gap in your payroll payments, we can continue your payments via debit card until you can restart your payroll direct deposit.

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