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Setting Up Your Payroll Payment
Setting Up Your Payroll Payment

Easy, automatic direct deposit payments, straight from your paycheck

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Perpay requires payments on your orders with us to be made through a small payroll direct deposit of your paycheck. Direct deposit payments are aligned with your pay cycle (i.e. weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.).

We require one full payment at or above your minimum to be made before we prepare your items for shipment! This payment must be made via payroll direct deposit and after your order is approved.

Once your order is approved, the next step is to set up your direct deposit payment.

If you can split your paycheck between multiple accounts, you’ll send us a small payment each time you’re paid. If you aren’t able to split your paycheck, we can split it for you 👍

Not sure if you can split your paycheck? Please check with your payroll department.

Please note: We do not accept other forms of payment (e.g. bank account transactions, debit/credit card payments, etc.) to prepare order(s) for shipment. Payments are currently required to be made via payroll direct deposit unless otherwise noted.

Only extra payments can be made on your orders via card or verified bank accounts on file. Click here to learn more!

My company isn't listed?

If you don’t see your company listed in the employer or payroll provider menu, click the “X” and then “Exit” to close the menu. You can then click “Set up direct deposit on your own” to view your manual payment set up instructions.

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