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Using Perpay When You Can't Split Your Paycheck
Using Perpay When You Can't Split Your Paycheck

Our process for manually splitting your paycheck with Perpay Split

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Before placing your order, please make sure that you meet our eligibility requirements here.

If your employer doesn’t provide the option to split your paycheck between more than one direct deposit account, we can still work together for placing orders on the Perpay Marketplace only.

Unfortunately, the Perpay Credit Card requires a small direct deposit from your paycheck to access the card and is not eligible for customers who are unable to split their paycheck.

Please note, we can accept payments from SSI/SSDI and VA benefits. If you receive one of these benefits, we will split your benefit check through the process outlined below.

Splitting your paycheck with Perpay

Early on your payday, your employer will send your full paycheck amount through your unique Perpay payment account, held with our partner JP Morgan Chase. Our system will automatically split your paycheck, applying your minimum payment for your Perpay order to your balance. After that, the remainder of your paycheck will be sent to your preferred bank account on file on the same day.

Banks are required to post the remainder of your paycheck to your bank account by 5PM ET on your pay day.

Once you have finished payments on your order balance, stop your payments to Perpay by changing the direct deposit destination in your payroll back to your personal bank account.

If you have any questions about splitting your paycheck with us, or if you aren’t sure if your income source qualifies, reach out to our Success Team for assistance.

The Perpay Credit Card is powered by Deserve, Inc. and issued by Celtic Bank.

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