Withdrawing An Overpayment

Understanding overpayments on your account

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If you’ve paid your balance in full and ended up paying more than what was needed to cover your order, you’ll receive the overpayment as a cash balance in your account.

You can use your cash balance as a credit toward any future order,* or you can withdraw the funds to a verified bank account on file.

If you keep your cash balance in your Perpay account, it will be automatically applied to your next approved order.

You can view your overpaid cash balance at any time by expanding the side menu on the right of your Dashboard.

To process a withdrawal, click “Withdraw” next to the cash balance amount in the menu. Withdrawals must be processed through a verified bank account.

A cash balance will only show on your profile if there are no current applications in progress. Please allow 5-7 business days after the withdrawal for the requested funds to reach your bank account.

If you’re having trouble verifying your bank account or receiving the small verification deposits, please reach out to our Success Team for assistance.

*Please note, applying a cash balance to a new order does not initiate shipment. We will still require the first payment via direct deposit to release the order for shipment preparation. Your order total, not including the cash balance, must still be within your available spending limit.

You can find the option to withdraw here:

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