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Credit limits and fees

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What is the credit limit on the Perpay Credit Card?

The Perpay Credit card provides customers credit limits of $500 with the potential for credit limit increases over time.

What does the Perpay Credit Card cost to use?

  • Account opening fee: There is a small account opening fee of $9. This fee is paid automatically with your first direct deposit payment.

  • Monthly fee: $9 a month to access your available credit limit, starting your first month.

  • APR: 28.49% if you do not pay your full statement balance at the end of the month. Please note, this APR is based on the prime rate, which can change. We will notify you if the APR on your account changes for any reason.

  • International transaction fee: If you use your credit card outside of the United States, a fee equivalent to 3% of the transaction amount will be added to your balance.

Are there any other fees required for the Perpay Credit Card?

  • Late fee: Up to $30.00 - Charged in the circumstance that you do not meet the minimum payment amount required on the statement balance.

  • Returned payment fee: $19.00 - This will only be charged if a payment you submitted from your bank was not successful. For example, due to insufficient funds on the account.

The Perpay Credit Card is Powered by Deserve Inc. and issued by Celtic Bank.

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