Here are our recommendations for successfully uploading a paystub and completing your order:

  • Paystubs must be the official documents provided by or accessed through your employer. We do not accept W-2s, proof of self employment, screenshots of bank accounts or selfies. (though we do appreciate seeing our customers' smiling faces!).
  • In most cases, we require your most recent paystub document. This allows us to provide you with your most accurate Spending Limit.
  • Please make sure that all four corners of your paystub are visible. We find the best way get your whole paystub is by looking for a link on your payroll portal that says “View full pay stub” or “Download full pay stub”. Sometimes these options are only available on a laptop or desktop computer.
  • Pay summaries are a good overview of your paystub but often don't include everything we need to calculate an accurate Spending Limit. Please make sure that your paystub includes your full name, your company's name, and current + year to date totals for earnings, taxes, and deductions.
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