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Guide to Your Spending Limit on Perpay
Guide to Your Spending Limit on Perpay

About your spending limit and how to increase it

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Your spending limit is your spending power to shop on Perpay. When you first sign up, your spending limit is based on the estimated net pay you enter. Use it as a guide to inform your shopping experience. All orders must be within your spending limit to be eligible for approval.

Placing orders and making payments on time builds your positive repayment history and is a large factor when our Approvals Team assigns your spending limit.

Your account is regularly evaluated by our Approvals team to see if you qualify for a higher spending limit!

Building a positive payment history on Perpay is the best way to qualify for a spending limit increase. As you make on time payments towards your balance, you’ll see your spending limit go up!

Spending limit vs. Balance: Your spending limit is your spending power on Perpay.

Your outstanding balance is how much you have left to pay on orders you’ve already placed. This total will automatically update each time we receive a payment. You can find your outstanding balance under the Account Summary section of your Perpay dashboard (shown below). Remember to take your outstanding balance into account when placing new orders within your spending limit.

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