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Applying a Perpay Credit to Your Order
Applying a Perpay Credit to Your Order

Understanding credits on your account

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Perpay Credits

Perpay credits reduce your overall balance on new orders on the Perpay marketplace. Credits cannot be withdrawn.

You can earn unlimited Perpay credits by referring friends to Perpay. Click here for more information on our Give $100, Get $200 referral program.

Credits earned from a referral or from credit card rewards will automatically apply to your next eligible order once approved.

Other credit types may come with order minimums or expiration dates. If you’re not sure about the order minimum for your credit(s) or why your credit wasn't applied to your order, please reach out to our Success Team.

Your balance will be updated and payment amount adjusted as soon as the credit has been added. You can see this credit applied in the “Orders” section of your Perpay profile here under “Order Summary.”

Any available Perpay credits will be displayed within the Rewards & Credits section of your Perpay dashboard.

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