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How can I update my shipping address?
How can I update my shipping address?

Instructions for updating a shipping address

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Check your shipping address at any time by going to the Orders tab on your Perpay dashboard. Your shipping address will be listed under each order you’ve placed.

Changing your address on your Perpay profile WILL NOT update the shipping address on any current applications.

Edits can be made to your shipping address at any time before it enters the shipping process. Once your order is current, please know that we are unable to make any changes, as this means the shipping process has begun.

If you notice an error after the order begins processing, please reach out to our Support Team as soon as possible. We will do our best to change the shipping address with our distribution partner. However, this is subject to the item and specific partner.

We are not able to ship to mail carrier pick up points or PO boxes. If you would like your item to be held at a pick up location, please contact the mail carrier when your order ships and ask that this package be held at your most convenient carrier location for pickup.

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