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Understanding Your Perpay Payment
Understanding Your Perpay Payment

How your minimum payment is determined

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On Perpay, your minimum payment amount is the amount you are expected to pay through your direct deposit each pay period to keep your balance current and your account in good standing.

When you're making payments towards more than one order, you won't need to create a new direct deposit for every new order; instead, your minimum payment amount will increase to cover your payments for all active order balances.

Our Approvals Team determines your minimum payment amount based on your total balance across all orders and the repayment schedules you have selected for each order.

How does my minimum change when I place a new order?

Your minimum payment amount is re-evaluated each time you're approved for an order. When your minimum increases after placing a new order, adjust the amount you send to Perpay in your payroll to at least the new minimum amount.

Your new order will start processing for shipment on your pay day when we receive your payroll payment that meets your increased minimum payment.

What if I want to pay more than my minimum payment?

Go for it! To do so, adjust the direct deposit amount in your payroll system to your preferred payment amount.

Any overpaid funds will be distributed automatically among your order balance(s). If you have multiple orders, older orders are prioritized. We are not able to apply an overpaid amount to a specific order.

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