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Setting Up Your Direct Deposit Payment
Setting Up Your Direct Deposit Payment

Easy direct deposit payments, straight from your paycheck.

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Perpay requires payments towards your account to be made through your payroll direct deposit. This method makes paying on time easy because direct deposit payments are aligned with your pay cycle (i.e. weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.).

Once your marketplace order or card application is approved, we require one full payment from your payroll direct deposit at or above your total minimum payment to be made before we prepare your items or card for shipment!

Payment Setup

On the Marketplace and/or Card tab on your Perpay profile, you will see the option to set up your direct deposit once an order is approved.

You can follow this link to set up your payments 👍 Below is what you should see if you are able to set up payments successfully through Perpay.

I can’t set up my direct deposit through Perpay

If you are unable to set up your direct deposit automatically through Perpay, you can set up your payments manually. Click “set up direct deposit on your own” and then click “go to my instructions”. This will give you instructions on how to set up your direct deposit payments on your own. Below are more detailed instructions on how to set this up.

How to set up your direct deposit manually

  1. Login to your employee payroll portal.

    1. This is typically provided by your employer and is usually the same place that you view your paycheck online.

    2. Some common payroll providers are: ADP, Gusto, Paychex, Paycor, etc.

  2. Find your direct deposit or payment information.

    1. There is usually a place where you can edit or manage your direct deposit accounts.

  3. Set up your direct deposit by adding another account using your individual Perpay account and routing number.

    1. These numbers can be found on the Manual Payment Setup Instructions page or on your Direct Deposit Form on your Perpay account.

    2. Please note: Perpay payments are made to JPMorgan Chase Bank located in New York, NY.

  4. Double check that you have entered the correct account and routing number into the account information.

    1. Entering the incorrect routing and/or account number can result in rejected payments or payments being sent to the wrong account.

  5. Save your changes!

If you need further help with this, please contact our Customer Success Team via chat or by emailing us at

What if I can’t split my direct deposit?

Not sure if you can split your paycheck? Please check with your payroll department.

If you aren’t able to split your paycheck within your payroll system, we can split it for you for your Marketplace orders 👍 Please note, we are unable to support splitting payments for the Perpay Credit Card.

Early on your payday, your employer will send your full paycheck to your unique Perpay payment account, held with our partner JP Morgan Chase. Our system will automatically split your paycheck, applying your minimum payment for your Perpay account to your balance. After that, the remainder of your paycheck will be sent to your preferred bank account on file on the same day.

Click here to learn more about using Perpay when you are unable to split your paycheck.

Updating my direct deposit amount

If your total minimum payment has increased, you will need to update the amount you send to us so we can prepare your order for shipment! You can find your total minimum payment on the Direct Deposit tab of your Dashboard.

  • If you have set up your payments through Perpay, follow the instructions on your profile to update your direct deposit amount.

  • If you set up your payments manually or are unable to update your payment through Perpay, log in to your payroll portal and find your Perpay direct deposit account. From here, you can edit your direct deposit amount to your new total minimum payment and save your changes.

Some payroll departments are a bit slow to enact the requested changes and update the direct deposit amount. It may take an additional pay cycle for the changes to show on your Perpay profile.

Once we receive this updated amount we will send along a text and email confirmation as soon as that payment hits! 👍

Please note: We do not accept other forms of payment (e.g. bank account transactions, debit/credit card payments, etc.) to prepare order(s) for shipment or to open a new Credit Card account.

Payments are required to be made via payroll direct deposit unless otherwise noted.

Only extra payments to an outstanding balance can be made via card or verified bank accounts on your profile. Click here to learn more!

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