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Verifying Your Phone, Email, and Identity
Verifying Your Phone, Email, and Identity

How to get your account information verified to start using Perpay

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If you’re trying to verify your mobile phone number & aren’t receiving the 4-digit verification code via text, text us at (215) 398-1284 with your first and last name and the email address associated with your Perpay account.

Your phone number must be active and associated with a cellular carrier. We're not able to accept VoIP or Wifi based numbers.


If you’ve attempted to verify your email address & don’t see the verification email in your inbox, make sure to check your spam/junk folder.

If you’ve checked your spam folder and still can’t find the verification email, please go back to your Perpay profile and make sure your email is entered correctly (no typos). If your email is already in use, reset your password.

Identity (SSN)

If you’re unable to verify your identity after entering your SSN: have you ever signed up for Perpay under a different email address? For security reasons, no two accounts on Perpay can share the same SSN.

If you’ve ever signed up for us before, you won’t be able to verify your identity on your new account. If you may have signed up for Perpay in the past but want to use a new email address, let us know! We can update it for you.

If you haven’t signed up in the past and are experiencing verification issues, reach out to us so we can get you manually verified.

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