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What is Instant Shipping?
What is Instant Shipping?

What it means to have your order upgraded and how you can increase your chances of Instant Shipment on your orders.

Updated over a week ago

Although we typically will only ship out an order once we receive your first direct deposit, you may also receive a message stating that your order could qualify for instant shipping.

To unlock instant shipping, you will first have to set up your direct deposit by logging into your employee payroll system in the Perpay app/website after your order has been approved. You can start this process by clicking “Start Payments” once your order is approved.

You will be prompted to log in to your payroll system where you can confirm your allotment amount to Perpay. For more information about how to set up payments through the Perpay app/website, check out this article.

If your company is not listed, you still may be able to find your payroll provider's website instead (e.g. ADP, Paychex, Workday, Gusto, etc.)

Once set up, our Approval’s Team will evaluate whether your order will be approved for instant shipping. Some factors that go into this decision include your outstanding balance, as well as your payment history with us. Instant shipping decisions are made on a case-by-case basis.

If your order is approved for instant shipping, your order will immediately begin the shipping process without waiting for your next payroll payment. For more information about shipping expectations, feel free to read this article.

If you can’t log on while in the Perpay app, you can still manually set up payments. Please know that if payments are set up manually, your order no longer qualifies for our Instant Shipping program.

As you build a positive payment history with us, your account may also qualify for our active shipping program. Check out this article to learn more about our active shipping program!

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